Nye tiltag i SafeSurf IVS!

Hej! Som mange nok har set, har både SafeSurf og Plughost set ud som om det er på "pause".  Opdateringer til panel etc har været langsomme. Support tider har taget op til 24 timer - Som er for lang tid. Jeg kan med glæde nu fortælle, at der er mange nye fede ændringer som vi har glædet os til at kunne fortælle dig om! Vi lancere ... Read More »

7th Mar 2020
Upgrading of DK webserver

Dear users!Today, we have perfomed an upgrade of our beloved danish webserver.The DNS has been reconfigured, therefore, your services might appear unresponsive until it has propogated (24h) normally.You will now experience a faster, more stable website then before.All customers using the nameservers ending with "au2host.net" can still use ... Read More »

15th Jan 2017
Global Network Stats

Dear users/clients!We at VPSFlame just wanted to give you a quick look over our current global network stats. This is our useage for the month December 2016.  We have used over 20TB data! That's pretty respectable!We can clearly see where our power users have their servers! In Germany, they have only managed to use 150 GB of bandwidth. Theres ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2017
Support over christmas

Dear valued user/customer!Firstly and foremost, we would like to thank anyone using our services and/or showing intrest into our development. We really do appreciate it.Furthermore, we would like to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.Support over christmas:VPSFlame advertises 24/7/365 Support, compared to many other companies, we do ... Read More »

24th Dec 2016

Hi there!Today, we have changed our client area design aswell as added the addition to do ClanPay/GroupPay.To start using ClanPay, you will need to do the following:Login to your client area accountFollow this url: https://vpsflame.com/client/grouppay.phpIn here, a new URL will be created. You can send this URL to anyone, and anyone would be able ... Read More »

14th Oct 2016
VPSFlame's new line of product

Thank you for your intrest in VPSFlame.We're happy to announce that we have just launched the sale of VPS services, this means we offer:WebhostingDomainsMinecraftAnd newly added VPS servicesSo, what is VPSFlame in the future?:We're looking into expanding into more games aswell as dedicated servers. All dedicated servers will be hosted in our own ... Read More »

24th Sep 2016